Flock thoughts: Trust

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them (Ernest Hemingway).

I remember reading some stats on client/agency relationships based on trust.  Brands were asked what attributes they looked for in agency partners and the following was fed back. 67% rate trust as the most important, 64% rating creativity, 58% flexibility, collaboration 55%, cost efficiency 52%, just 47% rating new technology as something they want their creative agencies to be strong at and just 18% looking for their agency to take risks.

Out of that 67% of brands, 26% rated their agencies with just 1 or 2 stars out of 5 in delivering on trust.

When dealing with a creative service, you want to be kept in the loop, have it delivered on time and be as good as you were expecting. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. It can affect the trust you put in your creative partner and subsequently, the overall relationship.

A few years ago Flock Creative worked with a print specialist and put our faith and belief in the work being delivered on time and to the high standard our client had come to expect of our service delivery. Our client called to say there was a problem with the print design. We called the printer. Within half an hour they were in attendance at the client’s offices, identified the problem and within 2 days the work was at the standard both ourselves and the client expected.

Great turnaround – we still work with the same printer to this day. We trust them to deliver. And they have.

As a brand, perhaps some of your focus is to:

  • help build the reputation of your company
  • increase your own client base and/or sales
  • put in place a system that will allow growth and at the same time planning to continue that

Actually finding an agency that understands your challenges and genuinely seems to know what’s going on in your sector vs an agency that do nice creative work and are “really lovely” can be part of the difference. Who would you put your trust in?

At Flock we have a senior only team; it has helped ensure that our experience goes a long way to how we manage the creative process, ensure work is delivered on time and be clear in communication with our clients. We keep them informed at every stage. With a focus on making sure our work brings innovation to the creative end result. And we know what’s going on in their world and their competitors.

For our clients to trust us, we need to ensure we understand their challenges. We are trusted to deliver compelling work that gives them a return on investment and builds a strong relationship based on trust, great creative work and focused the key objectives, including ROI. Trust has to be earned. And is rewarding when it works both ways.