Flock thoughts: It doesn’t matter

One of my favourite memories of New Year is standing in a shop at Bangkok airport while being squirted in the face by a girl wielding a water pistol. That was the cashier! It was Songkran and the lovely Thai people have a great positive sense of optimism around their New Year, closer to our Easter. Being on the cusp of travelling to a beautiful island and a few months shy of being a new parent, I remember being introspective and reading a lot. Actual books. I still love reading regularly but last year I finally gave in and downloaded a Kindle app. So I can read a book on my phone or tablet too. I have become the bellwether I once looked at with empirical vanity. A phone scroller. It makes you wonder about how we communicate our business or brand in our working lives, especially in our fiefdoms of expertise.

  • If you are a business, how do you communicate with your clients? Only for billing? Or for coffee catch up? Or do you propose something different occasionally because you’re always looking at their business sector needs?
  • Do you send out 3 tweets a week in your social media capacity? Is it something you would honestly find interesting yourself?
  • Do you read a few things on Linkedin and occasionally post a comment? Or do you find the time and the need to write something interesting, compelling and relevant to something current?
  • Do you know if your audience are reading your words?
  • Do you attend social gatherings, meet your peers or have you found your voice and medium best suited to it?

With so many avenues particularly through digital channels to reach those you want to connect with, it’s worth knowing where your audience are.

No-one is likely to know your brand as well as you and your colleagues despite the efforts of your external creative and communicative support so investing more time in saying things of relevance to those you want to hear it is worth the effort. Or you could join the many who spend a great deal of social media time telling everyone about some amazing office Bake Off or how the sales team are doing some jogging to kick off the year on a healthy zing. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You might even be reading this thinking yes of course you know what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to. Good! We should all be doing more of what you’re doing.

For those who are trying to identify what potential clients are looking for and what their current audience are concerned about or interested in, take a step back. Speak to someone who has a desire to help you answer that question if you want. Make sure they realise this is about growing Your commercial success and brand awareness. Not just fun, cool, edgy work. Although that can be part of it. Expect to be questioned. Expect to be surprised.

So if you’re doing all this already, great. If you want to explore how to do it, we’re happy to have a chat here at Hanover Street or visit you. There’s phone or email too!