Getting the job done right

Here at Flock, we pride ourselves on delivering effective work that gets your job done, on time, on budget and on the mark.

How can we be so confident? It’s all in our process. Honed over 10 years, it’s the backbone of our success.

So whether you need marketing consultancy, research, advertising or branding, we’ll tackle it in the same proven way: Define it, Plan it, Do it & Review it.

Let’s break the process down.

To do our job, we need to know:
– What’s the challenge?
– Who are we talking to?
– Why will they buy or care?
– What makes you different?
– What’s the message?
– And how are we delivering it?
Got this information ready to go? Great – we’ll
wrap it up into a brief, a timeline and a budget.

Need a bit of help to answer those questions? No problem – we’ll get you there.

With our brief defined, it’s time to plan delivery. Setting sign-off protocols means you control the process and we know:
– What we’re delivering
– By when
– The channels we’re using
– The budget is we’re working to
– How success will be measured

3. DO IT
This is the exciting part! You’ll see creative work come to life. Watch marketing transform your business. Uncover insights through research.

We want you to succeed – and we want you to keep working with us. So we pick over the bones of the project to understand:
– Was it delivered on time, on budget and on brief?
– Did it work?
– What have we learnt along the way?
– Do we need to adapt or change anything?

However we work together, you’ll always find us honest, pragmatic and easy to talk to. We’ll not only get you where you need to be. We’ll make
sure you enjoy the journey too.

Contact us to find out more.