Senvion - Driving engagement

Marketing communications partner


Senvion is a wind turbine manufacturer, with headquarters in Germany and a global reach. Our working relationship began a number of years ago, when the company was named REpower and continued when it was rebranded as Senvion. 


Over the years we have provided a wide range of services at local, regional and global levels in the delivery of projects including advertising, internal communications, design for print, exhibition graphics, event concepts and videos. We collaborated with both the UK and HQ marketing departments and developed messaging to work across all markets.


> Campaign creative
> Consultancy
> Design for print
> Motion graphics
> Print advertising
> Video production
> Online advertising


"The team consistently provide exciting and engaging ideas (often within short timescales) whilst sticking to our tight brand guidelines, and no matter what the scale of the project, Flock’s enthusiasm for a project is unrivalled. Their understanding of our corporate brand and the key messages we communicate to our customer base is demonstrated time and again. I would highly recommend Flock to anyone seeking a creative agency who provide an efficient, friendly, reliable and innovative service."

Marketing Manager, Senvion UK