The Real Mary King’s Close - Driving ticket sales

Direct response campaigns


Hidden beneath Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, The Real Mary King’s Close brings to life over 400 years of social history. They operate in a highly competitive market where it has become increasingly more challenging to gain share of tourist spend.


Using existing brand assets, develop and execute a direct response campaign that drives pre booked ticket sales (specifically mid-week and special tours) during the quieter periods of the year by testing various media channels.


Using consumer profiling we were able to align channels to the specific target audience’s media consumption. We created a series of general and more focussed campaigns (for Halloween and Christmas) which we then tested, refined and optimised through these channels before focussing on a mix of social and digital to maximise the return on investment. In order to keep the campaigns fresh, engaging and relevant (particularly for the “always on” general campaigns) we also planned and executed a five night shoot to create a video tool kit of assets to be used across a wide range of channels.


> Campaign creative
> Consultancy
> Online advertising
> Social media campaigns
> Video production
> Motion graphics


  • Mobile display delivered a ROI of 2:1 and over £22k in ticket revenue during a 4 month period.
  • Social campaigns delivered over 1.7m impressions, 33.5k clicks to the website at a CTR of 2%.
  • The facebook activity delivered more than 2,000 transactions with a cost per website purchase of £6.07
  • Over £83k in ticket revenue was delivered during a 12 month period resulting in a ROI of 8:1.