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Giant Lanterns of China - Unicorns, dragons and dinosaurs!


Back in 2017, Edinburgh Zoo hosted Scotland’s first large scale Chinese lantern festival. The experience took place on site at Edinburgh Zoo across 50 days between December 2017 and February 2018. Since then Edinburgh Zoo has hosted a second festival - Myths and Legends - and is currently host a third - Lost Worlds (creative work shown opposite).


The commercial objective for this project was to deliver a minimum of 65,000 ticket sales. We were to achieve this by:

  1. Establishing a brand identity for the event that included a name, brand mark and look and feel.
  2. Creating a media plan that would engage the target audiences.
  3. Executing a multi channel campaign to deliver the media plan.


Initially we developed a simple brand mark that could be used across all forms of communication and developed a brand tool kit so that all areas of the organisation and their suppliers could use the brand consistently.

We then set about creating a campaign that would work across multiple channels including outdoor, press, online and social advertising, TV and public relations.


> Branding
> Broadcast advertising
> Design for print
> Video production
> Out of home advertising
> Online advertising
> Motion graphics
> Campaign creative


The first run was Edinburgh Zoo’s most successful event to date and with 83,104 tickets sold, 28% over the initial commercial objective.

“Working with the team at Flock was enjoyable and painless. They understood how much the Giant Lanterns of China Festival meant to the Zoo and helped us achieve our aims. The team are open and forthright about the delivery of work and manage to understand the main focus for us as a client, not just to help produce creative work but achieve our commercial objectives too and showcase our important conservation work. It helps the Zoo know that the execution and delivery is in good hands.”
Marketing and PR Manager, RZSS

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