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Jean's Story


For over 50 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has worked with its members, partners and supporters to champion the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work. It demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and management of its network of around 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland. Traditionally, its in-house legacy marketing team had previously focussed upon its own membership but recognised it needed to engage non members to increase the number of pledges.


To encourage people to incorporate a gift to the Scottish Wildlife Trust in their Will and to notify them of that pledge. The aim of the campaign was also to develop more engaging key messages and creative which could build upon this and extend it out to non-members.


The Legacy campaign detailed the story of how ‘Jean’ helped release beavers back into the wild, planted trees for red squirrels and helped safeguard Scotland’s land and seas. The crux being Jean passed away five years previously. She had written The SWT into her will and this was her ongoing legacy to Scotland’s wildlife. Analysis of the target audience identified their media consumption and enabled us to recommend, buy and manage a blend of regionally targeted direct mail, key press, radio, TV and online.


> Online advertising
> Print advertising
> Broadcast advertising
> Video production


In its first burst of activity the campaign delivered 6 pledges, one of which was for £100,000 and drove 20 times the traffic to the legacy section of the website.

‘The success of our recent legacy campaign is a perfect illustration of their working practices. Whilst the brief was challenging, Flock were able to come up with a fantastic original idea, underpin it with robust data and execute it across a variety of channels. The campaign has already paid for itself and has generated a huge amount of traffic to the Trust’s legacy webpage, something which simply wouldn’t have been possible without Flock’s involvement. I cannot recommend them highly enough.’

Marketing Manager, Scottish Wildlife Trust

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